Taxi vs Limo Service

Most travelers today are cost-conscious and internet-savvy. Before hitting the “SUBMIT” or “BUY NOW” button, they compare rates, and scour the web for the best airline & hotel rates in search of rock bottom deals. But when it comes to ground transportation, the difference between taxi and limousine service needs clarification.

There is a huge misconception that taxis are cheaper than limousines. This is no longer true. If you call for a cab at the airport, you’ll wait 30-45 minutes for curbside pickup, and get driven – that’s it. That may be okay, but you won’t get the bang for your buck.

Here’s why.

Let’s go to, and enter an example starting point and destination (Tip: Enter the time of day for a more accurate estimation of traffic time). This is a neat calculator for most U.S. destinations including some cities in Europe and Asia.

For this example, I chose Burbank to LAX.

According to Google Maps, the distance is 29.4 miles, or 47.11 km.
Check out the price!

The cost-conscious traveler who’s trying to save money will pay $101.52 for a cab, including tips. (Would you be inclined to tip, if, say, the driver is rude, takes a long route, and drives a smelly, run-down vehicle, dirty from the previous fare? Did I mention – with no A/C?)

Now let’s compare to what the same person would get with a limousine service:

  • A Luxury Sedan, late model Lincoln Towncar, with amenities like climate control, plush leather interior, A/C, and seating for 2-3 passengers with plenty of room for luggage
  • Chilled water bottles
  • WiFi-access (in some vehicles)
  • Listen to your own music by connecting your iPod or iPhone
  • A professional chauffeur suited in business attire, trained in safety programs, drug-tested and checked for criminal background
  • 5-star customer service accorded to celebrities
  • GPS-navigated routes for the shortest distance; no additional costs for waiting in traffic
  • Insured up to $750,000 for liability
  • Backed by a 24/7 dispatch and reservation staff; web-based online booking and expense-tracking for regular clients
  • Advanced booking or on demand; upgrade to larger vehicle for a premium
  • Free meet and greet at baggage claim (with a greeting sign)
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Price: $105.00 – All Inclusive.

A 2010 customer survey shows that 85% of people would be willing to spend 5-25% more to ensure a superior customer experience. We agree. The difference between a taxi and a limo service is really night & day. Don’t jump into a cab when you can be chauffeured in style. We’re only a click or a phone call away.

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