Terms and Conditions

Client agrees to pay for all purchases of chauffeur transportation services rendered and such other charges. No terms and conditions of any agreement, reservation or order different from the standard terms will become part of any transaction unless specifically approved in writing by Radii 360, Inc.

Pricing of Services

The client hereby agrees to the pricing of services in accordance with Radii 360, Inc. pricing structure in effect at the time the reservation is made. Said pricing structure is public record and is available upon request. The client consents to the said pricing structure regardless of whether or not such pricing structure is requested or reviewed. The rates listed on the previous page are based upon the number of passengers, vehicle requirements, required meet and greet services, and the itinerary as outlined on the previous page. Rates are subject to slippage adjustment should vehicle requirements be less than 80% of the projected amount. If Radii 360 representatives are requested, travel expenses will be added to the final bill. Radii 360, Inc. On-Site Representatives are mandatory for all minibus and full size coach airport arrivals at an additional fee, which will be added to the final bill. Manifests for inbound and outbound transfer to transportation hubs are requested at a certain date in order to ensure availability of equipment and/or representatives and to allow proper time necessary in preparing for event.

A minimum deposit in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the total cost for the total services may be required in order to confirm said services and must accompany the signed agreement for said services that are to be executed by Radii 360, Inc. on behalf of the contractor. The guaranteed number of hours/days shall be committed to in
writing and payment received in full by Radii 360, Inc. a minimum of seven days in advance of the first day said contract services are to begin.

Reservation Procedures

An authorized signor on behalf of the client and an authorized Radii 360, Inc. events representative must sign reservations confirmed via contract. Contracts must be originated by Radii 360, Inc. Evidence of which is indicated by the Radii 360, Inc. letterhead, logo or other approved Radii 360, Inc. events document. A completed list of persons authorized to sign any contract for services on behalf of Radii 360, Inc. is available upon request.


All charges, invoices, and/or contracts will be generated by/through Radii 360, Inc. corporate office located at 2718 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank CA 91505. Charges to your clients credit card account will be made as services are rendered and/or due for services contracted, ordered and provided.

Cancellation and Change Policy

In CA, Sedan: 2hrs;  Limousine, SUV, Van 3 hrs.
Oustide CA, Sedan: 3 hrs; Limousine, SUV, Van 4 hrs.


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