….the best $300 I ever spent. I can’t tell you what a delight it was to be greeted at Logan after a long 3 weeks away and an 8 hour flight. It was wonderful to arrive right at my door and Jeff as well as Paul on the way to Logan were wonderful. I will recommend you for sure. Thank you.
– Chris, 9-22-11


Everything was fantastic! You were wonderful to work with and I appreciate the level of customer service and attention to details.

I really can’t think of any areas for improvement! Looking forward to working with you again!
– Jen, 11-15-12


Thanks, Ramona, for the excellent hands-on service. And thank
Carlos for a wonderful job.  Your company is outstanding and receives my
highest praise.  Thank you!
– Anne, 2-14-12


“Everything was amazing this weekend! You guys are awesome. :)”
– Brooke A., 07-27-13


“A+ on all fronts!”
– Anonymous Client, 2-18-13


“You’re the best! Thanks!”
– Dee G., 05-15-13


“Thank you. You’re the best and very professional. I like the way you work and run your business.”
– Marsha F., 4-23-13


“You are the absolute best.”
– Liz, 05-13-13


R.D.: “Thank you for hooking me up with Ramona. She is great.”

Rocky: “I’m glad to hear it’s going well with her! She is pretty awesome. :)”
– R.D. & Rocky, 05-14-13


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